Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University

Location in Europe, The Netherlands
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Bachelor: TOEFL 90 (ibt) / IELTS 6.5 / TOEIC 800 (L&R) + 320 (S&W) Master: TOEFL 95 (ibt) / IELTS 6.5 / TOEIC 800 (L&R) + 320 (S&W)
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Referred to as the "gateway to Europe," Rotterdam is the largest industrial city in the Netherlands, and is known as the world’s largest port. Many leading corporations and various country’s trade centers all setup branches here. University Rotterdam, founded in 1913, is a practice-oriented comprehensive university. Since its founding, the school has trained over 1.5 million graduates from all over the world, whom many of them have become business executives and high-level officers in governments. Rotterdam School of Management (RSM) is one of the university’s 8 colleges, and is the pride of higher education in Netherlands. In the world’s top 100 prestigious business school ranking published by UK’s Financial Times, RSM has always been ranked among the world’s top 30 and Europe’s top 5.

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Tel: +886-2-2938-7911    Fax: +886-2-2938-7882
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